Apiculus is a fully integrated and re-brandable public cloud management software for ISPs, data centres and telcos that combines cloud monetisation, customer lifecycle and infrastructure management into a single pane of glass. Apiculus is an all-in-one technology platform that combines infrastructure management, cloud service management, customer lifecycle management, and an integrated solution for the cloud providers in the Edge market.

Apiculus is developed by IndiQus Technologies, an India-based cloud solutions company that has set up and managed over 25 public, private and hybrid clouds globally.


Apiculus with Apache CloudStack

Apiculus adds a layer of powerful customer lifecycle management features to Apache CloudStack, providing a self-service CMP (cloud management platform), marketplace, monetization, monitoring, and support systems. By building on top of the existing orchestration capabilities of Apache CloudStack, Apiculus introduces a business layer that enhances the platform’s capabilities.


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“Our aim is to position the combination of CloudStack and Apiculus as a robust cloud solution in 100+ countries and 300+ Enterprises in the next 3 years, and establish the combination as the go-to choice for operating private and public clouds.”

Kshitish Purohit, Chief Product Officer, Apiculus


Apiculus Features

Apiculus empowers service providers to establish a marketplace featuring a range of value-added services such as PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, and multi-cloud offerings.

With Apiculus, service providers can offer an extensive selection of cloud-native and IaaS services through a PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, and multi-cloud ready marketplace, enabling them to capture a larger share of their customers’ spending.

Apiculus also provides support for multiple regions and currencies, making it easy to handle global and local billing requirements.

Service providers can define and create custom catalogues featuring integrated or billing-only services with various targeting options for customer accounts.

Additionally, Apiculus makes it easy to streamline customer acquisition by enabling service providers to create cash vouchers, site discounts, and various structured trial benefits. This helps businesses attract and retain customers while optimizing their marketing efforts.


Download the Case Study


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