ShapeBlue help Ascenty to design and build leading cloud platform for Brazilian market | Case Studies

The cloud is from a long time accepted as a mature technology utilised by companies of all sizes across the world to enable them to carry out their business smarter and faster. As a result, those organisations that can offer their customers a fast, value-for-money and easy-to-use cloud offering are placing themselves at a significant advantage over their competitors.

Ascenty, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, offers on-demand solutions for IT resources that are scalable and highly secure. This gives their customers more control over technology costs and resources without having to invest in new infrastructure, equipment, software licences and training.

Needed partner with CloudStack expertise

To ensure its continued leadership in the Brazilian market Ascenty had built a cloud platform based on Apache CloudStack but this had some problems, as Ascenty CEO, Chris Torto explained.

chris_torto_nologo“It was a very basic platform and we quickly came to the conclusion that it was not going to meet the needs of our customers. We realised we needed help to build the solution that we wanted and so started looking around for an organisation with the necessary expertise that we could partner with.”

After assessing a number of options including a local Brazilian company as well as an international organisation, Ascenty chose ShapeBlue. “Their experience with CloudStack was impressive and they were a good fit for our organisation,” said Chris, “as a result, they were the natural choice to make.”

Flexible and cost-effective cloud platform

ShapeBlue’s consultants flew out to Brazil to begin the work with Ascenty. “They initially looked at our existing platform and also what we were trying to achieve,” explained Chris. “This then enabled them to design a completely new platform that would meet our customers’ needs.

“The new design was based on CloudPlatform and CloudPortal Business Manager technologies from Citrix. By combining and customising these technologies, ShapeBlue were able to give us a true self-service IaaS cloud platform that is scalable, simple to use and integrates into our operational processes and systems. Ultimately, the system will allow our customers to access a range of our services, under a true IT as a Service (ITaaS) model.

“Once we had signed off on this design they worked with us to implement a robust infrastructure that will enable our customers to fully utilise the new cloud platform with no need for human involvement from our end. This embraces everything from initial specification and setup right through to billing and decommissioning.”

CloudStack experts

“We made the right decision in choosing ShapeBlue to help us with this project,” concluded Chris. “They were a pleasure to work with and completed all the work on time and within budget. Overall it was a great experience and I would fully recommend ShapeBlue to any organisation that is looking to implement CloudStack.

“I am very excited about our new Ascenty Cloud solution; it will provide customers with all the flexibility they need to leverage the cloud to their benefit. From testing and development sites through to full online trading, they will be able to quickly and cost-effectively specify and implement a cloud solution that they can design to meet their precise needs.

“I believe this will set us apart from the competition in Brazil and enable us to achieve our mission to be recognised as a leading provider of data center and telecom infrastructure and services.”



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