Apache CloudStack Community at CloudFest

ShapeBlue Supporting the Apache CloudStack Community at CloudFest

CloudFest is the #1 internet infrastructure event in the world, connecting the global cloud computing industry. By attending CloudFest, you’ll form the partnerships that help you reach your business goals, and have a great time doing so. CloudFest returns to deliver an even bigger, more engaging live event experience that will surprise longtime attendees and first-timers alike.

This year, CloudFest will have its 20th edition, and the ShapeBlue team is excited to be part of the Apache CloudStack booth and to support the CloudStack community at the event.


ShapeBlue’s Dedication to Apache CloudStack

As a globally recognised Apache CloudStack expert, ShapeBlue is at the forefront of empowering businesses with robust cloud infrastructure solutions. We are committed to promoting the value and benefits of Apache CloudStack globally and helping companies embrace the advantages of open-source solutions. Through experience and knowledge in building multiple CloudStack features, we are ready to showcase demos and advise companies on how CloudStack can help them ensure vendor independency, long-term reliability, and profitability.


Engagement at CloudFest

CloudFest is set to provide an unparalleled platform for the CloudStack Community to engage with stakeholders, share insights, and foster collaboration. We are excited to invite all companies interested to join us at booth R30 for a demo of CloudStack and guidance on how to start your Proof of Concept or launch it in production.


Meet us at Booth R30


Register for CloudFest2024:

Use the code c3SY3Zu2 for free registration.


Apache CloudStack at Last Year’s CloudFest

ShapeBlue team members were also proud to have supported the CloudStack booth at last year’s CloudFest. It is a true privilege to be able to support the CloudStack project as much as we can. Meaning, we support not only the progression of CloudStack’s capabilities but also its global awareness by attending key industry events, such as CloudFest.


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