Apiculus – Complete Cloud Management Suite for Service Providers

Apiculus is an end-to-end cloud service solution that solves business enablement, technology, and customer experience requirements of domestic, regional, and edge cloud service providers. Apiculus is an all-in-one technology platform that combines infrastructure management, cloud service management, customer lifecycle management, and an integrated solution for the cloud providers in the Edge market.

Who is Apiculus For?

Apiculus is best suited for small and medium cloud service providers (data centres, internet service providers, hosting providers, VPS providers etc.) who wish to set up a multi-tenant public cloud business. Apiculus is an end-to-end white-labelled solution which assists service providers to set up and operate a fully branded public cloud in their regional or domestic market.

The Apiculus solution suite comes with powerful features that include a fully self-service cloud management platform for the cloud customers, and a holistic administrative setup that enables service providers to manage, monitor and monetise the cloud customer journeys.

How Apiculus Works

Apiculus sits atop Apache CloudStack and layers it with powerful customer lifecycle management features, including a self-service CMP (cloud management platform), marketplace, monetisation, monitoring and support systems. Apiculus adds to the existing orchestration capabilities of Apache CloudStack with a business layer on top.

Items in blue are Apiculus software capabilities; items in grey are services and extensions that can be monetised; items in green are service provider’s assets.

Features at a Glance

Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS Marketplace and Monetisation)

With Apiculus, any service provider can set up a marketplace of PaaS, IaaS, multi-cloud, and any other value-added service offering.

  • PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, and Multi-cloud ready marketplace: With Apiculus, you can offer a wide variety of cloud-native, IaaS and marketplace services to capture a better share of your customer’s wallet.
  • Multi-Region & Multi-Currency: Apiculus offers you billing in global currencies and local currencies to cater to both your local and global demands.
  • Custom Catalogues & Quick Plans: Define and create custom catalogues with integrated or billing-only services. This also comes with various multiple targeting options for customer accounts.
  • Coupons, Discounts, and Trials: You can streamline your customer acquisition with Apiculus by creating cash vouchers, site discounting, and various structured trial benefits.

Integrated Billing

Apart from listing services, Apiculus also offers a complete integrated and automated provisioning-operating-billing paradigm.

  • Cloud Billing Models: You can easily configure billing models like fixed recurring pricing, monthly subscriptions, or pay-as-you-go and integrate them with any payment gateway of your preference.
  • Dunning and Automation Policies: Automate your customer’s life cycle based on payment delays, billing events, KYC identity verifications, etc.
  • Transactions and Billing Records: Manage credit notes, invoices, offline transactions, and tax input records with ease and loads of customization options.

Powerful Cloud Administration

Apiculus brings you many configurable options for managing admin operations, customer journeys, and cloud commerce.

  • Complete Customer Profile and Records: Manage and get a 360-degree view of your customers’ profiles and activities any time you want.
  • Self-Service Platform Configurations: With Apiculus, you can configure the end-user experience, from the branding to the policy documentation, custom links, and the platform detail behaviours.
  • Customer Identity Verification Workflows: Define workflows for your customers’ regulatory or mandatory KYC identity verifications.
  • Role-based Admin Access: Onboard various functional personnel with our customizable role-based access system.

Self Service

Apiculus comes with a powerful self-service layer, for the cloud customer as well as administrators with loads of configurations for business, technical and platform options.

  • Onboarding, Provisioning, and Cloud Management: You can offer a complete self-service experience to your customers for provisioning, onboarding, and cloud resource management.
  • Marketplace Management: Offer a wide range of networking, compute, cloud-native, and value-added services with single-click provisioning and seamless ease of operations and management.
  • Admin Operations and CMP Administration: With Apiculus, you can manage your customer accounts, cloud operations, service requests, marketplace mechanics – everything from one single administration console.

Localisation and Personalisation

Apiculus offers an all-around localisation across regulatory, compliance, branding, and other localisation domains, as an extension of business enablement.

  • On-Premise and Locally Hosted: Apiculus lets you offer a complete, 100% localised offering from the data centres in your region.
  • Personalised Touchpoints for Customer Communications: Personalise your customer outreach with Apiculus with customizable messaging templates.
  • Design, Localisation, and Regulatory White-Labelling: Put your brand in the market with a completely white-labeled software solution.
  • White-Glove Personalisation and Setup: Our team of solutioning experts will assist you in onboarding and accelerating your GTM with our Cloud Accelerator Programme.
  • Integrable with External Billing and ITSM Systems: You can make the cloud experience work with your existing backend systems for billing, ERP, ITSM, and other marketing platforms.

Support and Lifecycle Management

Apiculus comes with SLA-backed integrated support and all the tools needed to enable a stellar service delivered on the cloud.

  • Integrated Ticketing System: With Apiculus, you can offer an engagement touchpoint to your customers with the integrated ITIL-compliant ticketing system. You can also offer your customers real-time support with marketing extensions.
  • 24×7 SLA-Driven L-2 through L-4 Support: Apiculus also offers you SLA-based L-2 through L-4 support from our team of business and technology experts & helps to remove any vendor management hassles.
  • Customer Lifecycle Dashboards: Get complete visibility of your customer’s journey, cloud spends, technical health, etc.


Apiculus is developed by IndiQus Technologies, an India-based cloud solutions company that has set up and managed over 25 public, private and hybrid clouds globally.