Telia Utilises CloudStack and ShapeBlue to Maintain a Market-leading Position in the Baltics

The rate of change in the TELCO industry has accelerated over the last few years as customers demand more innovation and faster time-to-market to support their business initiatives. Cloud Services have proved to be a great enabler in achieving this, allowing telcos to ensure agility and reliability for their customers’ infrastructure platforms. The rewards for meeting these customer needs are high, with some telcos able to differentiate themselves in the competitive market. One such organisation that has achieved this is Telia Latvija. Now Telia Latvija is one of the leading ICT service providers in Latvija.

Telia Latvija chose Apache CloudStack and ShapeBlue to maintain a market-leading position in the Baltics. The implementation of ope-source technology, combined with the experience of Telija on the Baltics market and ShapeBlue’s unique vendor wrapper around CloudStack helped the company provide unique cloud service to its B2B customers.

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Enterprise Solutions for the B2B Market

Telia Latvija offers a range of solutions: from telecommunications and Enterprise-level cloud solutions through a self-service cloud video platform. They have developed from a traditional internet operator to a comprehensive ICT services supplier for businesses.

Media Streaming Orchestrated by CloudStack

Telia Latvija provides professional media technology services to the national TV broadcaster and a range of other media companies. This infrastructure, underpinned by CloudStack delivers the high level of flexibility its customers demand. Customers can use the right amount of resources and IaaS when they need it, and enhanced media content requires much of it. One of the significant advantages of CloudStack in this use case is that it is straightforward to manage, needing minimal staff.

Kristaps Blums, Technical Director at Telia Latvija“We have experienced very few technical challenges”, said Kristaps Blums, Technical Director at Telia Latvija, “For the 10+ years in which we have been using CloudStack, we have carried out many major upgrades with minimal disruption to our customers, all managed by a small team.”

Martins Paurs, Commercial Director, Telia LatvijaSince the switch to open-source Apache Cloudstack, ShapeBlue has been Telia’s technology partner.

“They were the right guys, at the right time in the right place”, said Martins Paurs, Commercial Director, Telia Latvija.

“We really like the fact that they are an active and participating member of the open-source community, continually helping to develop CloudStack. They are a tremendous company with an innovative business model.”

With CloudStack, underpinned by ShapeBlue’s support, Telia has been able to focus on developing new services rather than running infrastructure. Physical infrastructure scaling is effortless, and we can allocate more knowledgeable staff to meet the future needs of our customers. Our media services offering is good evidence of that.

About Telia Latvija

Telia Latvija is one of the leading ICT companies in Latvia, offering a wide range of ICT services and solutions such as Telco and data center services, cloud solutions, security solutions, and an online video platform for video content distribution to B2B customers worldwide.

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