Umbee, UK Managed Hosting Company chooses cloud consultancy to form it’s public cloud offering

Managed Hosting Company Umbee Limited today announced that it has chosen strategic cloud consultancy, Shapeblue, to help it deliver it’s pioneering  infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to the UK market.

ShapeBlue will work closely to help Umbee to strategize, commercialise, build and integrate  it’s IaaS cloud offering, built around Citrix CloudStack technology. ShapeBlue provide strategic cloud consulting the professional expertise wrapper around Cloudstack.

Marlon P. Davids, Technical Director, Umbee  said:  “We are really excited about the future of the Umbee Cloud Platform as it offers our customers the ability to quickly consume compute resources and only pay for what they use when they need it.

With ShapeBlue, we have found a partner that has both the deep understanding of the cloud market and also is a centre of excellence on Citrix’s cloud products. We will be working with their consultants on all aspects of our service offerings  including the design of our cloud compute platform based on Citrix Cloudstack.”

After extensive beta testing Umbee will be launching it’s Public Cloud Hosting to the general public from March 2012.

About Umbee Limited

Founded in 2009, Umbee Limited is focused on becoming the leading managed hosting provider in the UK. Umbee’s Managed Hosting products offers customers a broad set of specialist hosting services specifically tailored to make complex hosting requirements easy to implement and easy to adopt.

About ShapeBlue

ShapeBlue provides a range of strategic and technical consulting services to help IT Service Providers and enterprises to build a true IaaS compute cloud. ShapeBlue’s expertise, combined with Citrix CloudStack technology, allows IT Service providers and enterprises to deliver true, utility based, IaaS to the customer without reengineering existing physical, virtual or storage layers.

ShapeBlue was recently announced as Citrix’s first European Cloud Advisor Partner.





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