Integration with Dell EMC

Dell PowerFlex is the latest storage platform to offer advanced integration with Apache CloudStack. Powerflex, a software-defined platform, has built a reputation for performance, agility, and scalability and is already being used in a number of large-scale CloudStack IaaS environments.

About Dell EMC

Dell EMC ScaleIO, now part of the Dell EMC VxFlex family, is a software-defined storage solution that provides highly scalable, high-performance, and reliable block storage for data centers and cloud environments. By transforming standard x86 servers with local storage into a virtual SAN, ScaleIO delivers a flexible, cost-effective storage solution that is both hardware-agnostic and easily scalable. Companies seeking a powerful, flexible, and efficient storage solution for their virtualized and cloud infrastructure rely on ScaleIO for its advanced features, proven reliability, and strong ecosystem support.

Dell EMC’s Integration with Apache CloudStack

Dell EMC ScaleIO storage systems can be integrated with Apache CloudStack as primary storage options, allowing seamless integration with CloudStack deployments. Administrators can leverage ScaleIO’s high-performance and reliable software-defined storage within their CloudStack environments, providing robust and efficient storage solutions for virtual machines. The integration ensures a streamlined management experience for ScaleIO storage systems, enabling features such as thin provisioning, snapshots, and cloning for improved resource utilization and operational efficiency. By integrating ScaleIO with CloudStack, organizations can benefit from a unified and simplified approach to managing their cloud infrastructure storage needs.


Scalable enterprise-grade storage solution.


Proprietary nature can make it complex to deploy and potentially more expensive.

Ease of Implementation


Ease of Use


Total Cost of Ownership

Higher upfront costs, ongoing support costs.


Dell EMC offers comprehensive support services for its ScaleIO product through their ProSupport and ProSupport Plus plans. These plans provide 24/7 access to Dell EMC’s technical support, software updates, and a wide range of self-service resources, such as documentation, knowledge base articles, and forums. ProSupport Plus includes additional benefits such as dedicated Technical Account Managers, priority access to support, and proactive monitoring and issue prevention.

Supported Integrations

Dell EMC ScaleIO, a software-defined storage platform, smoothly combines with Apache CloudStack to provide administrators with the ability to harness its elastic and high-performance block storage capabilities in CloudStack environments. This integration streamlines cloud infrastructure management while emphasizing adaptability and effortless scalability. By employing Dell EMC ScaleIO alongside Apache CloudStack, organizations can tailor their IT infrastructure to accommodate their distinct business needs and foster innovation.


Technical Documentation

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