Integration with XCP-ng

A virtualization platform incubated within the Xen Project and hosted by the Linux Foundation

About XCP-ng

XCP-ng is an open-source virtualization platform based on the Xen Project and Citrix XenServer. It aims to provide a fully open and community-driven alternative to proprietary virtualization solutions, offering advanced features and performance enhancements while maintaining compatibility with XenServer. Companies seeking a cost-effective, powerful, and flexible virtualization solution for their data centers and cloud environments rely on XCP-ng for its commitment to open-source development, community support, and innovative features.

XCP-ng’s Integration with Apache CloudStack

XCP-ng is supported by Apache CloudStack, allowing administrators to leverage XCP-ng’s virtualization capabilities within their CloudStack deployments. The integration enables a seamless management experience for XCP-ng environments, with CloudStack providing an abstraction layer that simplifies the orchestration of resources and virtual machines alongside other hypervisors. CloudStack’s support for XCP-ng ensures a streamlined and efficient virtualization solution, enhancing resource utilization and operational efficiency.


Provides good performance and scalability, with a commitment to open-source development.


Faces the same popularity challenge as Citrix, being less recognized than KVM and VMware.

Ease of Implementation


Ease of Use


Total Cost of Ownership

Low upfront costs and ongoing maintenance costs due to its open-source nature.


Vates offers commercial support packages for XCP-ng, including 24/7 assistance, updates, and professional services. Community support is also available through forums and online resources.

Supported Integrations

XCP-ng integrates seamlessly with Apache CloudStack, enabling administrators to harness its robust features within CloudStack deployments, simplifying the management experience and fostering a streamlined multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy.



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