Apache CloudStack as an Open-source VMware Alternative

Searching for a VMware replacement? Apache CloudStack enables existing VMware users and gives an easy way for service providers to migrate to a fully open-source solution and eliminate vendor dependency once and for all

Avoid Vendor Lock-in & Ensure Long-term Reliability and Profitability with CloudStack as a VMware Alternative

CloudStack supports a variety of hypervisors including VMware, KVM, Citrix Hypervisor and XCP-ng. It enables CSPs and MSPs to tailor their cloud offerings to the diverse needs of customers without being constrained by vendor-specific limitations.

Seamless integration with VMware infrastructure

  • CloudStack provides deep integration with existing VMware infrastructures, including vSphere and NSX, enabling a smooth transition without the need to review current systems.
  • Maintains operational continuity and leverages existing VMware investments while expanding resources.

Open-Source VMware replacement, ensuring your profitability

  • Eliminates the need for expensive licensing fees associated with proprietary software, significantly reducing operating costs.
  • It offers a transparent and community-oriented development model, ensuring that there are no hidden costs or sudden price changes.

Simplified cloud management and operations

  • The user-friendly interface and robust API simplify cloud management tasks, making it easy to deploy, manage, and scale cloud resources.
  • Reduces the complexity of managing multi-tenant cloud environments, increasing efficiency for service providers.

Robust multi-tenancy and scalability

  • Facilitates the creation and management of secure, isolated multi-tenant environments essential to CSP
  • Scales effectively to accommodate growing customer demands, from small deployments to large-scale distributed cloud environments.

Advanced network and security features

  • It offers sophisticated network capabilities, including VPCs, load balancing, and network-as-a-service options.
  • Integrates advanced security features, ensuring secure cloud operations and data protection.

Disaster recovery and high availability

  • Provides robust disaster recovery solutions, ensuring business continuity and resilience in the face of disruptions.
  • Supports high availability configurations, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable service delivery.

Facing the End of Availability of VMware's vCloud Director presents a significant challenge for Cloud Service Providers. This change disrupts established cloud management practices, leaving CSPs in search of reliable and robust alternatives to maintain and grow their cloud services. Reduce your VMware costs by maintaining your vSphere environment with Apache CloudStack!

CloudStack Features Designed for Cloud Service Providers Looking for a Free VMware Alternative

In addition to its specific features designed for seamless integration with vSphere, Apache CloudStack is distinguished by a variety of notable features that meet the operational needs of Service Providers. These features not only enhance CloudStack’s versatility but also ensure that it meets the diverse requirements of modern cloud environments.

Hypervisor Agnostic DRS

CloudStack’s DRS is hypervisor agnostic, enabling efficient allocation of resources across different hypervisor hosts, ensuring the best performance and workload distribution at the Zone or Hypervisor Cluster level.

Disaster Recovery Workload Protection

CloudStack provides robust multi-tenant disaster recovery solutions, ensuring your customers’ workload protection and business continuity in the event of system failures or other disruptions.

Metering and Usage

Accurate metering and usage tracking are essential for service providers. CloudStack includes sophisticated metering tools to monitor resource usage, helping with billing and capacity planning.

Multi-Zone Management

CloudStack excels at multi-zone management, improving data centre resource utilisation and providing geographic redundancy for your users.

Cloud-native Deployments

CloudStack supports the deployment of Kubernetes, both native and hybrid solutions with CAPC (ClusterAPI CloudStack Provider), facilitating the orchestration and management of containers.

Application Lifecycle Management

CloudStack offers comprehensive tools to manage the application lifecycle, from deployment to maintenance and scaling, ensuring smooth operations and agility at peak times pre-established by your users.

Veeam Integration

Veeam integration, through CloudStacks Backup and Recovery Framework adds robust data protection and backup capabilities essential for maintaining data integrity and availability.

Advanced Networking Capabilities

Network-as-a-service options, and fine-grained network control. VPC networks, agnostic integration with third-party VNF (Virtual Network Function), Firewall, Load Balancer, SDN, among other network functions.

Are you looking for a VMware alternative?

Apache CloudStack gives an easy way for cloud and service providers to migrate to a fully open-source solution. Get in touch with us to discuss your migration from VMware to CloudStack.

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Solving the Challenges of Cloud Service Providers and MSPs

CloudStack can manage tens of thousands of physical servers installed in geographically distributed data centers. It is a powerful IaaS man- agement solution, but it is still easy to use and implement with a small team. Powered by a solid open-source community, Apache CloudStack eliminates the dependencies and allows you to follow your own cloud development plan, and use the hardware and software of your choice and business requirements.

Whether you’re seeking to augment your current VMware setup or transition to a more open and scalable cloud solution, Apache CloudStack stands as the optimal choice. Embrace the power of CloudStack for a seamless, vendor-lock-in-free cloud experience that aligns with the evolving needs of modern Cloud Service Providers.

No Downtime, Smooth Transition from VMware to Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack enables seamless migration of VMware workloads with minimal or no downtime. The platform’s integration capabilities with VMware vSphere ensure that existing virtual machines can be transferred seamlessly while maintaining continuous operations throughout the migration process.

CloudStack provides deep integration with the VMware vCenter API, allowing it to manage the vSphere infrastructure directly. This integration enables a controlled, phased migration where workloads are gradually transferred to CloudStack, ensuring stability and uninterrupted service.

Get in touch with ShapeBlue to discuss how CloudStack fits as a VMware alternative for cloud providers.

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Get Started with Apache CloudStack

This ShapeBlue IaaS Quick Build Guide provides a straightforward set of instructions to get you up and running with a CloudStack-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud.
This POC guide gives you all the guidance you need to perform a successful Proof of Concept of Apache CloudStack. By following this guide, you will be prepared for what to expect from the technology and how to move into production. The guide gives detailed configuration information. At the end of this PoC, you will have a highly available, reliable and flexible CloudStack-powered cloud.

Download a step-by-step guide to migrate your existing vSphere environment to a robust IaaS cloud environment based on Apache CloudStack and the KVM Hypervisor, ensuring a smooth, low-friction migration journey.