Citrix XenCenter Logo | How to upgrade an Apache CloudStack Citrix XenServer Cluster

How to upgrade an Apache CloudStack Citrix XenServer Cluster

So you have a Cluster of Citrix XenServers and you want to upgrade them to a new version, for example to go from XenServer 6.0.2 to XenServer 6.2, or simply apply the latest Hotfixes.  As this is a cluster that is being managed by CloudStack it is not as simple as using the Rolling Pool Upgrade feature in XenCenter – in fact this is the LAST thing you want to do, and WILL result in a broken Cluster. This article walks you through the steps required to perform the upgrade, but as always you must test this yourself in your own […]

Heartbleed | How to Mitigate OpenSSL HeartBleed Vulnerability in Apache CloudStack

How to Mitigate OpenSSL HeartBleed Vulnerability in Apache CloudStack

UPDATE: 09-Apr-2014 – The proper upgrade command is “apt-get install openssl libssl1.0.0”. If you’ve just updated openssl, please go back and update libssl as well. UPDATE: 10-Apr-2014 – Added detailed verification steps / Apache CloudStack 4.0 – 4.1 are not vulnerable, they use older Debian/openssl. Thanks to all involved for helping to put together and update this information   Earlier this week, a security vulnerability was disclosed in OpenSSL, one of the software libraries that Apache CloudStack uses to encrypt data sent over network connections. As the vulnerability has existed in OpenSSL since early 2012, System VMs in Apache CloudStack versions […]

Sending log messages to a Syslog Server

  CloudStack Logs are known for not being the easiest things to read, and when trouble shooting a difficult problem anything which makes life a little easier is very welcome. By offloading the Management Log to a Syslog Server, Filters and Tagging can be used to greatly simplify the process of reading the log files.  In addition, depending on your choice of Syslog Server,  alerting rules can be configured to inform you of any problems which the built-in alerting engine may ignore. The steps required to setup a Syslog Server are in the CloudStack Knowledge Base, but are not very clear […]

Using the CloudStack API for Advanced Network Management

  The CloudStack API is a very powerful tool which once mastered provides Administrators access to all of CloudStack’s features, many of which are not available via the GUI. During a number of recent Projects the ShapeBlue consulting team needed to leverage these features in order to deliver the advanced solutions our clients required. This article will demonstrate completing the following tasks using only the API: Creating a new Network Offering with No DHCP and DNS Services Activating the Network Offering Creating an Isolated Network based on the new Network Offering Creating a Guest Instance with a pre-determined IP Address […]