White Paper: Dell PowerFlex Integration with Apache CloudStack

dell powerflex apache cloudstack

Dell Technologies, in collaboration with ShapeBlue, developed a white paper describing the integration of Dell PowerFlex storage with the Apache CloudStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. This integration facilitates the deployment of reliable and easy-to-manage cloud infrastructure with KVM hypervisor using the PowerFlex storage

IaaS Transformation: Apache CloudStack and Dell PowerFlex

In a multi-cloud world, where data is emerging, storage is not just a necessity. It is the bedrock upon which cloud services are built. As data grows exponentially, the demand for reliable, scalable, and cost-effective storage has never been higher. Within the CloudStack environment, storage is pivotal in ensuring the seamless functioning of instances and […]

From Block to Object: Understanding CloudStack’s Storage Support and Capabilities

CloudStack Storage - Storage Integrations and Supported Technologies

Apache CloudStack is designed to work with a vast range of commodity and enterprise-grade storage platforms. It can also leverage local disks on hypervisor hosts if supported by the hypervisor.  CloudStack defines two types of storage: Primary and Secondary. Primary storage can be accessed using iSCSI, FC (Fibre Channel), Local Disk, NFS (Network File System), […]

Apache CloudStack enables existing VMware users and gives an easy way for service providers to migrate to a fully open-source solution and eliminate vendor dependency.