IaaS Transformation: Apache CloudStack and Dell PowerFlex

In a multi-cloud world, where data is emerging, storage is not just a necessity. It is the bedrock upon which cloud services are built. As data grows exponentially, the demand for reliable, scalable, and cost-effective storage has never been higher. Within the CloudStack environment, storage is pivotal in ensuring the seamless functioning of instances and the accessibility of vital resources.

The integration of Dell PowerFlex with Apache CloudStack offers a range of benefits, including improved performance, reliability, scalability, cost-efficiency, data protection, and user experience, ultimately enabling customers to optimize their IaaS deployments. IT leaders today want best-of-breed capabilities to achieve differentiated outcomes. Companies are searching for ease and agility in the cloud experience. And this is what CloudStack and Dell PowerFlex bring.

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About Dell PowerFlex

PowerFlex is a comprehensive storage solution that addresses the IT infrastructure challenges businesses face today. With its extreme business agility, exceptional performance and scale, and the ability to consolidate diverse workloads, PowerFlex enables businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure, respond to changing market conditions, and meet the performance demands of modern workloads, all while minimizing complexity and downtime. With its exceptional performance, scale, and ability to consolidate diverse workloads, PowerFlex instills confidence in your infrastructure to deliver under extreme requirements securely and enables businesses to remain competitive and respond quickly to changing conditions.

PowerFlex supercharges high-value, performance-hungry workloads with extreme performance and mission-critical availability. It is validated and optimized for various workloads and platforms to deliver blazing performance while simplifying infrastructure operations. The storage solution from Dell integrates seamlessly with a broad set of technologies and is a match for the majority companies on the market.


The Integration of Apache CloudStack with Dell PowerFlex

For primary storage, CloudStack supports many managed storage solutions via storage plugins, such as Ceph, Datera, CloudByte and more. CloudStack also supports a storage plugin that enables the use of Dell PowerFlex storage pool as a managed Primary Storage for KVM hypervisor, either as a zone-wide or cluster-wide pool. Read more about the integration and support operations.

The integration of PowerFlex with CloudStack offers the following benefits to the customers:

  • Seamless Data Management: Efficient provision, backup, and management of data across the infrastructure, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.
  • Enhanced Performance: Providing low-latency access to data, optimizing I/O operations, and reducing bottlenecks. This enhancement leads to improved application and workload performance.
  • Reliability and Data Availability: Benefiting from advanced redundancy, failover mechanisms, and data replication, reducing the risk of data loss and ensuring continuous service availability.
  • Scalability: Scalable storage solutions, allowing customers to expand their storage resources in tandem with their growing needs. This flexibility ensures that customers can adapt to changing workloads and resource requirements.

The following documentation provides additional information on the integration:

The PowerFlex team and ShapeBlue have been collaborating to bring ease and simplicity to CloudStack on PowerFlex. The deep integration with PowerFlex makes it an ideal choice for organizations building CloudStack environments. Download the detailed Solution Brief to learn more.

Download the Solution Brief


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