Unlocking Cost Efficiency: 69% Licensing and Support Savings with CloudStack and KVM-based Cloud vs. VMware vCloud

ShapeBlue conducted a comprehensive cost analysis to assist CTOs in making informed decisions for their IT infrastructure. We compared the costs of running a cloud using VMware vCloud with those of implementing an open-source solution with CloudStack and KVM-based Cloud. The comparison is based on a hypothetical use case with specific technical requirements and operational constraints. The environments being compared are assumed to be functionally equivalent, supporting the same number and type of workloads under similar conditions. The conclusion we came with is that migrating from a VMware vCloud to a KVM-based cloud operated by Apache CloudStack can result in […]

VMware abstraction with Apache CloudStack

VMware Abstraction Using Apache CloudStack

The hypervisor market is in a state of flux. For over a decade, VMware has entrenched itself as the gold-standard virtualisation platform for enterprises. However, their relentless march for revenue, expected to deepen by announcements earlier this year, has led many users to reconsider their long-term strategy. In the service provider space, the weight of this decision is amplified by the need to maintain margins for public cloud services. Over the past decade, alternative virtualisation platforms (such as KVM and XCP-ng) have started to demonstrate that they are serious contenders for enterprise use. At ShapeBlue, we have seen a slow […]