ShapeBlue Con 2024 Roundup

From May 13-17, the ShapeBlue team gathered once again in the stunning Lake District, UK, for ShapeBlue Con 2024. This annual get-together is a highlight of our year, providing an opportunity for us to connect in person, brainstorm new ideas, and strengthen our bonds.

For a team that works mostly remotely, these face-to-face events are invaluable. They facilitate the kinds of spontaneous and productive conversations that virtual meetings struggle to replicate.

ShapeBlue Con is a hub of knowledge sharing, where team members exchange insights and expertise. This collaborative environment is essential for aligning our long-term strategy and supporting the growth of our employee-owned company.


Insightful Sessions

Our days were packed with sessions focusing on a variety of topics. We discussed ShapeBlue’s progress, brainstormed new ideas for Apache CloudStack, explored marketing strategies to boost brand awareness, and held an employee council meeting. These sessions are a testament to our belief that every team member should have a say in the future direction and operations of the company. shapeblue con sessions

Each day at #ShapeBlueCon2024 was unique in its format:

Collaboration Monday – We started the week with a hackathon, where the team split into smaller groups and worked on new ideas for Apache CloudStack.

Big Picture Tuesday – Kicked off by Giles’s ‘State of the Union’ talk, Tuesday saw each leadership team member holding their own session. Having a day dedicated to the ‘big picture’ helps with cross-departmental collaboration and transparency.

Super-Fast Wednesday – This day involved 10-minute lighting sessions from most team members, all of whom were selected by random out of a hat.

Learning Thursday – We finished the week by having a day dedicated to learning from different team members about what they have been working on recently, as well as any specific knowledge they wanted to share.


Activities away from Work

ShapeBlue Con isn’t just about work. Each day included a different activity to foster team spirit and provide a fun break from the sessions. We enjoyed activities ranging from football and touch rugby to a treasure hunt and even cold-water swimming! Evenings were spent relaxing, playing pool games, with many nights featuring impromptu guitar sessions by Steve, Vladi and Marco, adding a musical touch to our gatherings.


Looking Forward

cloudstack conference

The details for next year’s ShapeBlue Con are still in the works, but we’re already looking ahead to another significant event: the CloudStack Collaboration Conference. This year, it will be held in Madrid from November 20-22. The team is eagerly anticipating another opportunity to come together and share our passion for Apache CloudStack.

ShapeBlue Con 2024 was a week filled with collaboration, learning, and fun. We’re excited to see how the ideas and connections from this year will drive our innovation and growth.



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