The CloudStack Container Service allows service providers and enterprises  to create a Container as a Service offering quickly and easily in their existing IaaS environments. ShapeBlue in conjunction with Skippbox are delighted to announce a series of educational webinars to explore this new technology and introduce the tools and techniques used to allow your users to deploy containerised applications.


Webinar 1- Introduction to the CloudStack Container Service

This webinar will give a users-eye view on the simple deployment & management of cloud native applications on cluster containers using Cloudstack Container Service, Kubernetes and Docker. The webinar will explain the architecture of the Cloudstack Container Service and, through demonstrations show how your users could be deploying containerised applications in minutes


Webinar 2- Deploying and managing cloud native applications using CloudStack Container Service, Docker and Kubernetes – a technical deep dive


k8s daashboardThis webinar takes a detailed look at the methods and tools used to deploy production containerised cloud native applications in an IaaS environment running CloudStack Container Service.  It will discuss the use of CoreOS and Kubernetes to underpin the CloudStack Container service and run demonstrations of using tools from Docker  and other vendors.