CentOS 8 Support | | CloudStack Feature First Look

As of 2021, CentOS 7 will be receiving maintenance updates only, and is end of life in 2024. Considering this, it is important that CloudStack supports CentOS 8 as a KVM hypervisor host and as a host for the management and usage servers. This support has been developed and will be included as of CloudStack 4.15.

CentOS 8 uses a more recent QEMU version, Python 3 by default and deprecates several networking tools (such as bridge-utils), therefore a number of changes have been made:

  • Python scripts related to setting up of management and usage servers and KVM agent have been migrated from Python 2 to Python 3.
  • Python 2 dependencies from cloudstack packages (cloudstack-common, cloudstack-management, cloudstack-usage and cloudstack-agent) have been removed.
  • Support for MySQL 8 (as CentOS 8 installs this by default).

With this feature, changes have also been made to the snapshot related codebase on KVM to support the newer version of the qemu-img utility. This should prevent issues with snapshot management on an OS with newer QEMU version.
KVM hosts and management / usage servers on CentOS 7 will continue to work as before and only new python 3 dependencies (python3, python3-pip and python3-setuptools) will be installed during upgrade.


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