ShapeBlue Launch CSForge: A Rapid Deployment Framework For Apache CloudStack IaaS Clouds

CloudStack Collab Conference, Denver,CO – April 9, 2014.

ShapeBlue, the leading independent global CloudStack integrator, today announced general availability of its new CSForge product, giving organisations rapid, low risk, deployment of IaaS cloud infrastructures. The framework can be used as a basis for public cloud or enterprise private cloud and is deployed onto the customers own hardware infrastructure.

CSForge is made up of components including Apache CloudStack and the Xen hypervisor with automated deployment components and test & capacity planning tools. . CSForge has a standard, flat, price for environments up to 24 hypervisor hosts and also includes a technical education programme, implementation support and up to 12 months pilot support.

Giles Sirett, ShapeBlue CEO, explained: “ShapeBlue has been building IaaS clouds now for over two years and recently and, with smaller deployments, we’ve seen an 80% commonality in the requirements. Although the use-cases may be different, there is usually a standard set of building blocks that most people want from their IaaS platform.

We have therefore decided to package these components into a pre-configured, pre-planned product that will allow our customers to benefit from an open, flexible IaaS environment without the need for an extensive design & integration process. This is giving our customers rapid time to value. Baked into CSForge is all of the best-practice that we have learned & developed over the last 2 years, building IaaS environments for 100’s of customers”

CSForge uses pure open-source technologies at its core: Apache CloudStack and Xen hypervisor. ShapeBlue have developed a set of proprietary deployment, test and capacity planning tools to enable the rapid, low risk deployment.

Sirett continued: “our customers want the flexibility and avoidance of lock-in that only open-source platforms can bring. They recognise the benefits of open-source, but want the peace of mind usually associated with vendor technology. CSForge bridges that gap. We already have seen great demand for our CloudStack Infrastructure Support which gives enterprise-grade support to these environments , CSForge is the next evolution.

It is important for our customers to understand that we have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of the core operating components of our solution remain open source and we have no plans to change that. We provide a wrapper to reduce cost and risk, but the final operational environment remains 100% open source with no propriety parts.”


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