Apache CloudStack matures with first commercial support offering

CloudStack Collab Conference, Amsterdam – Nov. 20, 2013. ShapeBlue, the leading independent global CloudStack integrator, today announced that it will be the first to offer commercial support of Apache CloudStack.

ShapeBlue will offer professional, 24x7x365, enterprise grade support for IaaS infrastructures built on Apache CloudStack. The service will offer SLAs and is provided by an organisation that is a centre of excellence in the design and deployment of CloudStack infrastructures.


Giles Sirett, ShapeBlue CEO, explained: “for 12 months we’ve had increasing demand for formalised CloudStack support services. We support many customers but to date have not offered an SLA-based model. As Apache CloudStack adoption increases we see demand for a service that offers expert support – our customers want the benefits of open source, but also professional, responsive support as with a traditional vendor product.”

“We can provide this because of the deep knowledge and expertise we have from building some of the world’s largest CloudStack infrastructures, and also our capabilities with associated network, storage and compute technologies. We’ve developed a global support capability in order to offer the high service levels our customers demand. We have piloted the service with a number of customers and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.”

Regarding ShapeBlue’s involvement with the Apache CloudStack project, Sirett commented:

“We will be greatly increasing our contribution to the Apache project, with the creation of a dedicated CloudStack Software Engineering Team. Key to us is contributing all of our work back into the project. At this stage, we have no plans to offer a commercial distribution as we feel that this undermines the true value of open source software like CloudStack. Other open source projects suffer from fragmentation by participant vendors and we do not wish this to happen with Apache CloudStack”.

The core support service will offer heterogeneous support for cloud infrastructures, guaranteed response times of 1 hour for high priority incidents, 24x7x365 coverage and a product patching service. Furthermore, a unique “Instant Guru” service will allow customers to discuss architecture questions and design changes using web-chat, outside of the formalised support structure.

Sirett concluded: “That demand has been created for this service demonstrates the momentum that Apache CloudStack is gaining. We work hard to make sure that we offer the highest levels of support, delivered by the best people. We are excited to be first in the market with this service.”

Dan Crowe, VP Cloud Networking at ShapeBlue announces the new service at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference


ShapeBlue will be running one of their successful Apache CloudStack 2 day Bootcamp training courses immediately before the CloudStack Collaboration conference this year.

The 2 day, fast based, bootcamp course will be run on 22/23 June in Santa Clara, California and gives attendees a deep dive in designing , managing & implementing CloudStack based clouds.

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 CloudStack Collab 2013

cloudstack collab

The CloudStack Collab conference will be running June 24/25 also in Santa Clara.

The Apache CloudStack developer community is growing rapidly, and CloudStack is being used to build both private and public clouds at scale. Presentations on best practices for deploying Apache CloudStack will again be a popular feature, and other presentations will feature tools that help manage IaaS clouds. All in all, this is the place to learn about the development and deployment of CloudStack systems

ShapeBlue are proud sponsors of CloudStack Collab and look forward to seeing many friends, partners & colleagues at the conference


London, 14 January 2013

ShapeBlue, the cloud integrator and consultancy focusing on Apache CloudStack and Citrix Cloud technologies, today announced a programme of expansion into a number of new global markets.

This programme will see ShapeBlue develop consulting and integration practices in markets that are expected to see rapid cloud adoption over the next 24 months.

The first of these practices was also announced today by the company located in Bangalore, India.

Giles Sirett, CEO of ShapeBlue commented: “we are seeing a rapid increase in demand for our services relating to Apache CloudStack and Citrix CloudPlatform, being driven by both service providers building public cloud and enterprise adoption of private cloud. We already regularly deploy teams into other regions, so building capability in rapidly developing markets is a logical next step for us.

We expect Enterprise adoption of private cloud throughout 2013 to rise significantly but we also expect CloudStack’s market share to rise exponentially. This is being driven by both CloudStack’s increasing reputation as the most stable, proven cloud management system and also Citrix’s exciting plans to integrate cloud orchestration with their enterprise offerings.

The new practice in India will be based at the Bangalore World Trade Center and will give ShapeBlue both Consulting and sales functions in the region from early February onwards.

ShapeBlue will be hosting an event “Cloud trends for 2013 – an IT executive briefing” in Bangalore on 7th February. This educational event will include speakers from ShapeBlue, Citrix and SunGard Availability Services. The event will give an executive briefing on the drivers, developments and innovations that are expected to influence the adoption of cloud over the next 12 months.

About ShapeBlue

ShapeBlue are the globally leading integrator of Apache CloudStack & Citrix CloudPlatform. The company was the first Citrix Cloud Advisor in Europe and has worked with customers including Cisco, Citrix and SunGard Availability Services. The company provides cloud design & build, consulting and training services.



Giles Sirett, CEO ShapeBlue


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