Building Next-Generation IaaS | Virtual Event Roundup

On October 10th, ShapeBlue, Ampere Computing and LINBIT held a joint virtual event – Building Next-Generation IaaS. The event explored how the synergy between ARM, Apache CloudStack and LINBIT’s storage solutions can achieve a formidable price-to-performance ratio. There were a total of 3 sessions held by speakers from all 3 organisations.

Continue reading to learn more about the sessions from the event, and to access each session’s slides and recordings.

Session 1 – Updates to Apache CloudStack and LINBIT SDS

In this session, speakers Giles Sirett and Philipp Reisner shared insights into CloudStack and LINBIT. Giles detailed Apache CloudStack’s scalability, multi-tenancy, and compatibility with various hypervisors. He also discusses CloudStack’s integrated, easy-to-use nature, rapid time-to-value, and its active community. Following this, Giles delves into different use cases, such as IaaS/Cloud Provisioning, Disaster recovery, Sovereign Clouds, and the list goes on. CloudStack’s features, including its support for Kubernetes clusters, its scalable architecture, high availability and other features were also discussed.

Following this, Philipp highlighted the 4 key ways in which LINBIT can help an organisation: “Protecting data, Always Keeping Your Services On, Shaping Your Destiny and Exceeding with Best Performance”. Philipp also delved into the different reasons why LINBIT SDS is so fast, and what the next steps are for DRBD, LINSTOR and the LINSTOR Driver for CloudStack.

Session 2 – CloudStack and LINBIT SDS Integration

Andrija Panić starts the session by discussing the different approaches an organisation would take when building a cloud, as well as some key considerations which are worth implementing, such as avoiding vendor lock-in. Following this, he discusses a chart detailing some of the well-known cloud orchestration platforms, and their relevance to functionality and cost of ownership. Andrija also highlights some of the features when choosing a Traditional Storage Solution, versus a Software-Define Storage Solution. Furthermore, he delves into both the technical and business benefits of implementing Apache CloudStack and LINBIT.

In the second section of the session, Rene Peinthor gives a technical breakdown of LINBIT SDS. He also discusses some of the planned features, including an optional backup snapshot to secondary storage, VM Snapshots (if all volumes are on LINSTOR storage) and an optional copy template provisioning, instead of faster cloning. Rene spent the rest of the session giving a demo on how to add LINSTOR primary storage.

Session 3 – Ampere Altra + LINBIT SDS + CloudStack

Christian Helmholz starts by breaking down how Ampere is focused on delivering sustainable, energy-efficient CPUs for cloud computing and how this can help address environmental concerns related to data centres.

Peter Pouliot follows Christian by initially discussing the Ampere Ultra Family and the Ampere One Family, when Christian goes on to discuss Ampere’s performance testimonial, based on an extensive study with LINBIT around their SDS.

The remainder of the session consists of a panel amongst the event speakers, with Ivet Petrova as a moderator, where they delve into the future of IaaS and the role of open-source technologies.

Meet the Speakers

Giles Sirett, ShapeBlue

Giles is CEO and founder of ShapeBlue and is responsible for overall company strategy, strategic relationships, finance and sales.

He is also a committer and PMC member of the Apache CloudStack project and Chairman of the European Cloudstack User Group, actively helping promote brand awareness of the technology.

Andrija Panić, ShapeBlue

Andrija is a Cloud Architect at ShapeBlue. He is also a PMC member of Apache CloudStack. On the working side, he spends most of his time designing and implementing IaaS solutions based on Apache CloudStack.

Peter Pouliot, Ampere

Peter is a senior developer advocate at Ampere, where he spends his time enabling OSS for Aarch64 servers in the data centre and enabling Aarch64 native OSS server-based cloud computing.

Previously, Peter helped to maintain OpenStack integration with Microsoft’s Virtualization platform Hyper-V and was Microsoft’s OpenStack subject matter expert.

Christian Helmholz, Ampere

Christian joined Ampere 1 year ago after 8 years in boutique IaaS and 4 years in specialized rugged/embedded systems. He is part of the Product organization in a business development and product marketing role, working with various partners and prospects to explore how Ampere’s general-purpose CPU can be positioned across various market segments.

Philipp Reisner, LINBIT

Philipp is one of the founders and CEO of LINBIT in Vienna/Austria. His professional career has been dominated by developing DRBD, a storage replication software for Linux. While in the early years (2001) this was writing kernel code, today he leads a company of 40 employees with locations in Austria and the USA.

Rene Peinthor, LINBIT

Rene was one of the first developers to oversee a DRBD resource deployed by LINSTOR, and has been a Software Developer at LINBIT since 2017.

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