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CloudStack EU user group roundup – Leipzig November 2017 | Roundup

The November EU user group was held in the lovely city of Leipzig in Saxony, Germany. First of all a great thanks to Sven Vogel and his team at Kupper Computer who hosted this event, which had a good turnout from the German CloudStack user community. Sven started off the afternoon with welcome and introductions, before handing over to first speaker Thomas Heil from Terminal Consulting. Thomas’ gave a very interesting talk on the use of HashiCorp’s Terraform to build infrastructure in CloudStack. He started with an introduction into the basics of Terraform, and how this is configured to work with CloudStack […]

CloudStack EU User group roundup – April 2017 | Roundup

The city of Prague was the venue for the spring meeting of the Cloudstack European user group. There was a great turnout  for the meeting  and a first count showing 14 different nationalities represented; some people having travelled from as far as Ukraine, UK and France. The event was kindly hosted by Interoute Czech. There were 8 speakers on the day with a wide range of technical and user talks. Even the speakers reflected the true pan-european nature of this group with 6 different nationalities being represented. Group Chairman Giles Sirett started proceedings. Giles gave a roundup of Cloudstack news, […]

Migration away from download.cloud.com to download.cloudstack.org may cause problems in exisiting cloudstack installations and versions

Background Cloudstack relies on a fixed download site when it fetches the built-in guest VM templates. That download site has historically been download.cloud.com and is being replaced by download.cloudstack.org. Download.cloudstack.org is now fully functional. The retirement date of download.cloud.com is unknown but expected to be imminent The issue & behaviour After the retirement of download.cloud.com, the following issues may be experienced: When installing CloudStack for the first time, failures will occur when downloading the built-in templates For existing installations of CloudStack, if administrators or users attempt to re-download a template (for example when creating a new zone) failures will occur. Versions […]

Inter-VPC connectivity in CloudStack

Introduction In this article Abhinandan  Prateek discusses a method for allowing inter-VPC routing in CloudStack utilising Quagga on the VPC Virtual Router. Please note – this feature is currently in development, this is being considered for release in CloudStack 4.10 (please refer to upcoming release notes for details). In CloudStack a VPC acts as a container for multiple isolated networks that can communicate with each other via its virtual router (VPC-VR).  A VPC can have its own virtual network topology resembling a traditional multi-tier physical network that it is substituting itself for.  The following figure shows a typical CloudStack VPC with three […]

CloudStack upgrades – best practices

Introduction Upgrading CloudStack can sometimes be a little daunting – but as the 5P’s proverb goes – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. With planning, testing and the right strategy upgrades will have a high chance of success and have minimal impact on your CloudStack end users. The CloudStack upgrade process is documented in the release notes for each CloudStack version (e.g. version 4.6 to 4.9 upgrade guide). These upgrade notes should always be adhered to in detail since they cover both the base CloudStack upgrade as well as the required hypervisor upgrade changes. This blog article does however aim to add some […]

ShapeBlue contributes native support for Kubernetes and Docker to Apache CloudStack

Offers seamless Container-as-a-Service without disruption to user experience or business process Sevilla, Spain — 17 November 2016 — ShapeBlue, the largest independent integrator of CloudStack technologies worldwide, today announced at ApacheCon Europe that it will be donating its CloudStack Container Service software to the Apache CloudStack project. The technology integrates CloudStack with Kubernetes and Docker to provide a seamless Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering within existing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments with no disruption to user experience or business process. “We are really excited to be handing over the code and IP of CloudStack Container Service to the CloudStack project as part of our […]

Networking KVM for CloudStack

Introduction KVM hypervisor networking for CloudStack can sometimes be a challenge, considering KVM doesn’t quite have the matured guest networking model found in the likes of VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer. In this blog post we’re looking at the options for networking KVM hosts using bridges and VLANs, and dive a bit deeper into the configuration for these options. Installation of the hypervisor and CloudStack agent is pretty well covered in the CloudStack installation guide, so we’ll not spend too much time on this. Network bridges On a linux KVM host guest networking is accomplished using network bridges. These are similar to […]

Installing and Configuring an OCFS2 Clustered File System

Last year we had a project which required us to build out a KVM environment which used shared storage. Most often that would be NFS all the way and very occasionally Ceph.   This time however the client already had a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) SAN which had to be used, and the hosts were HP blades using shared converged adaptors in the chassis- just add a bit more fun. A small crowbar and a large hammer later, the LUNs from the SAN were being presented to the hosts. So far so good.  But… Clustered File Systems If you need to have a […]

CloudStack Container Service –Available for download

Today we are delighted to announce General Availability of CloudStack Container Service (CCS): software that gives Cloud Service Providers a Container as a Service (CaaS) offering within their existing IaaS environments..  The software is immediately available for trial or commercial license. After the first release of the CloudStack Container Service in May, we have had the software in private preview with a small number of customers. We have worked with those customers, gathering feedback to ensure that CloudStack Container Service meets to needs of organisations wishing to deliver solid CaaS services. CloudStack Container Service is easy to deploy and easily […]